I graduated from Hofstra University and lived in New York City with my husband for a few years. We decided to settle in New Hampshire where we could start our own business and raise two children.

I managed the office for DAI, our national impaired risk life insurance brokerage agency form 1976 to 2012. I also programmed & customized insurance software for carriers on a consulting basis during that time.

During my downtime I worked in my studio with glass. Now that I have left the corporate world behind and moved to Naples, FL I can turn to glass full time.


I love working with glass, every aspect of it. It has so many unique characteristics that I can learn to make shine. Every time I use my torch I come up with a different and exciting piece of art no two pieces are ever the same. Glass makes like exciting.

I start with either a glass rod or flat piece of glass and heat it to a melting temperature. When it looks like honey I begin to wrap it around a piece of metal. If I am making a round bead the metal rod is coated with bead release so I can slide it off after it is cooled. If I am making a free form sculptural bead I simply wrap it and pull then work it in the flame until I have a shape I like. Then the piece is placed back in the kiln and annealed for a few hours to let the glass rest. After the piece is cooled I string it up with seed beads and crystals into my final design of a necklace, bracelet or earrings for someone to enjoy.

Moretti, Borosilicale, and Dichroic glass in my work to make the beads then I use sterling findings and glass seed beads and crystals to make the finished jewelry.